The Perfect Title for This Post Is…

The Perfect Title for This Post Is…

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Hello, my faithful readers.  Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  After beginning my journey of blogging and posting three weeks in a row, I had to take a break for Thanksgiving.  Which was immediately followed by a break for Christmas.  Then there was the first of the year break.  Followed by a very productive break to work on a book I am writing that I’m excited to tell you about it in just a second.  After my writing break, it was time for Spring Break, and right on the heels of it was the End of the School Year break.  And lastly, I’ve been taking a break from my blog due to being on Summer vacation.

The book I’ve been working on is called Procrastination: The Ultimate Handbook on the Essential Art of Making and Using Excuses.  I’ve been working on it for several months and that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  Coming up with an award-winning title is hard work.  Don’t let the professionals fool you!

Titles are tricky little things.  Too many words in the title and it looks like you’ve started writing the book already.  Too few words and you end up with titles like Wiggly or Squeamish or Plunger and it appears you are just trying to be cute or gimmicky. My title has two very tricky words: Ultimate and Essential.  I’ve been diligently studying, for about five minutes, the proper use of these two words.  If my book is the “Ultimate”, then it’s set apart from all others about procrastination because of some unknown reason that I am still trying to wrestle with but wrestling sounds more active than I am wanting to be, so I’ll just use the word anyways. (Breathe-from that very long sentence!) And if my book is “Essential”, then it must contain lots and lots of useful stuff between the covers.  Useful stuff means I cannot just make things up, and when it comes to this book, that’s all I am doing. So Essential is a perfect word for its title.

Procrastination is a hard topic to write about.  If you are truly going to write a book about something, you need to become an expert.  If you are going to become an expert in the art of procrastinating then you must procrastinate.  But since procrastination is the destination, when you are procrastinating you are not procrastinating anymore, because procrastinating is the goal.  How can you procrastinate procrastinating?  It is a very hard thing to do.  I am truly becoming a master at it.

The only thing better than being an expert procrastinator is to be a more knowledgeable one.  So I used my scholarly research skills and Goggled it.  I found a wonderful daily devotional at Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope. ( Pastor Rick Warren says: “The Bible says you procrastinate for one of five reasons: Indecision (James 1:8), perfectionism (Ecclesiastes 11:4), fear (Proverbs 29:25), anger (Proverbs 18:9), and laziness (Proverbs 13:4).”

Indecision:  My wife says that I can be indecisive, but I am not sure if it’s true or not.

Perfectionism:  Just because I am wrestling with the perfect words doesn’t mean I am struggling with perfectionism.

Fear:  I have nothing to fear but fear itself.  And maybe brown bears and being attacked by a moose that wanders into town on a Monday afternoon.  Even though I have never seen a moose anywhere near my rural Alaskan town.  It could happen.

Anger: I get angry sometimes that I struggle big-time with the next one.

Laziness: “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the soul of the diligent is made fat.” Proverbs 13:4 (NASU)

Maybe a better title for my book would be Procrastination: The Soul of the Sluggard…Hey, At Least My Soul Isn’t Fat!

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