What’s Up World–or Half the World–or One or Two People

What’s Up World–or Half the World–or One or Two People

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reluctent-fishermen-anniversary I am beginning this new adventure called “blogging.”  I like writing and I struggle with finding time to write.  Today, I have this thought in my brain, which is the best place for a thought.  I have a thought in my big toe.  But trust me, you don’t want to hear what it’s thinking!  My brain thought is that if I blog on a regular basis, I will write more often than I currently am writing.  Watch out!  I almost hurt myself with that thought!

My wife Katie and I pastor The Little Chapel in Cordova, Alaska.  Also, I am a stand-up comedian.  Granted,  I do one of those things full-time and the other is a hobby.  My goal is to let the Bible and biblical thoughts be at the front and center of what I write about.  Also, I look at the world with funny glasses on, so I see things that many people don’t see.  I desire to be both biblical and funny.  Some posts will be one or the other.  Many posts will be both.  When I am stressing a biblical truth, I will aim higher than boring.  When I am going for the funny, I will never compromise biblical principles.  There you have my mission in one paragraph.

Feel free to comment on anything you see.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  So whether the whole world, half the world, or just one or two people join me on this journey, you are invited to join the crowd and follow my posts.


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